Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Beading Babe Challenge by Helena Tang-Lim.

                            BEADING BABES- Bring Beaders Together.................

For Project No: Five ( 5 ) of the Beading Babes.....
Here are the details:
  • Purchase Helena's Four Leaf Clover Cuff pattern at the full price of US $12.00 via her online storeDone......
  • On the reveal date please share your pictures of your completed pieces (or if you didn't get to finish the piece show that you have made a start).
  • Then simply email Helena a link to your blog or Facebook page to receive 50% of the value of the tutorial back.
MANEK LADY Four Leaf Clover Cuff.pdf (1.19 MB) ~ Download link will expire in 2 days

I hope you will enjoy making one of my designs and look forward to your continued support.

If you have any questions, do let me know.

Happy Beading!
Helena Tang-Lim | The Manek Lady
email : helena@manek-manek.com

And then of course...today working on a Bead Babe Challenge by Helena Tang-Lim.  The reveal is June 24th  Sunday and most of the ladies are working on Helena's Echo's of Nefertiti that was in Bead and Button.....I love this pattern, looking forward to the reveal.

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