Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Kinga....... Kinga Nichols that is................

Last month I was able to exchange a few Cabachon's with Kinga - she had posted she was looking for Sugar Skull cabs to complete her kits and I had ( 5 ) spare Cab's from a order I had placed.  Lovely little Sugar Skulls..........................

In exchange I received Kinga' leaf cabochons which I just think are wonderful.  I love the pendant technique that she uses by incorporating the bail into the embroidery so I gave it a try and I am very please with the results.  Completing the rope for this piece now.  I'll probably have to photoshop this photo and replace - all my I-Phone photos always rotate.  Aaargh! 

I've always admired her beadwork and use of Lovecraft themes and colors that are just, Wow ..... really Wow! 

Spend a few moments and visit Kinga's Blog at: 
http://crimsonfrogdesigns.blogspot.com/  and view the work of a true artist. 

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