Monday, October 26, 2015

Cross Post from the SCA page ...

War of Wings X is over - sadly!  This was my first large event in this area and it was a perfect event for the SCA ( Society of Creative Anachronism ) I did teach Bead Embroidery in a historical fashion.  I chose to teach historical bead embroidery on a pouch ( the one I selected could hold a cell phone ) as women in the 14th, 15th and 16th century did not carry handbags but love " Sweet Bags" and beautiful pouches.  If you have time to visit the SCA page - you'll see the , rest of the story. 

Each class member learned the perfect Bead Embroidery stitch before I let them begin on their pouch - but I am looking forward to seeing each pouch that posts from each class member.  Yes!  The pouch is closed.  I've developed a nice little process of beading on closed bags.  I have another wonderful belt pouch that I bead embroidered to develop the technique above - it is on my SCA pages for historical garbing.

I am currently finishing the design on the " Superstition Blog Hop" as our reveal is coming up on the 13th of November,  actually a very cute Halloween ( Samhain ) design. 

Working on new chainmailing projects and beading projects so I cannot wait to share.

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