Monday, January 19, 2015

January 2015 - A little snow, a little sun but plenty of bead time.....

Just sat and reviewed my last post for 2014 and realized that, " Yep! Missed a few items ", but that being said, just reviewed the latest post from " Battle of the Beadsmith " 2015.  Still on the list. 

I can now use this on my photographs...... Yay me !  The best thing is as I was thinking and drawing about what I would like to make is, it came to me.  Just like - Pow !  An epiphany.  Working on the technique - but I will be buying a lot of Jet for this one as I will not be able to cab my cabochons for this one.

I met one of my goals for 2015 - Photography!  I start a beginning and intermediate Digital Photography class on March 9th at Southwestern University in Sylva.  Actually, I am quite looking forward to becoming proficient at photography again and actually meeting new people. 

I finally broke down and purchased a pattern that I had been drooling over for the past year.  You know, I collect quite a few patterns.  This one is a lovely romantic Cross by Glassyjewels at called " Cris's Cross".  She does not electronically transmit patterns so I waited for the color copy to arrive and made one for Jennifer for Christmas with matching earrings. 

The pattern was easy to follow but the only recommendation I would have is to be careful with the thread path and overusing with the size fifteen beads.  Follow the thread path diagrams carefully.  Otherwise, she is stunning.  Now to make a few more. 

Chainmaille wise, wow - I so wish I had more time during the day.  I started making my own 2 x 2 chains for each of the " Skullbursts ".  I really like making my own chains now and I have new photo's to take now that I have mastered the " Mobius ". 

Please spend some time " blog hopping " and checking out other's blog.  We have three new Blog Hops coming up for 2015.  I'll post them as they arrive.

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  1. Your work is beautiful Catherine! I am always amazed by designers that work with tiny seed beads. Such patience! Good luck to you and your creative endeavors!