Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chaining and Beading away as always.....

We are coming to an end of this sessions classes at the Rock and Gem Club, but sign ups have already begun for our next session.  As Genny will not be teaching Chainmaille until the Fall, I thought it would be
a delight if the " Ladies of the Evening " played in copper and brass with Metal Expressions and of course,
I will be cabbing.

Speaking of Cabbing.  Finished out three more delightful cabachons this past week:
40m x 25m Oval Crazy Lace Agate

40m x 50m oval cab

32m long x 23m wide Inidan Paint Stone

While I am revisiting the ETSY site and refurbishing it with new artwork, naming, etc. I will be adding Cabachon's for sale too.

And of course while I am finishing the center piece of my Annual Bead Journal Project, I've been chaining away.  Finally got the technique for Turkish Round.  Took a couple of try's but it was worth it.  As our
" Ring Lord" Stainless Steel order came in:  Of course Byzantine in Stainless Steel.

And Turkish Round in Silver Parawire.  I think I would like to do this one in Sterling along with my Persians.

I'll be re-linking the ETSY site while we revise the photographs and bring them current.  I did experiment with FOTOFUZE ( ) and worked on my DragonScale.
Not sure if I should re-shoot all items or play with FOTOFUZE.  We shall see

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  1. LOVE the Crazy Lace and smokey Agate!!! Going to miss Hannah, but going to finally get to work in my studio. Will have to make play date soon. Have to get control of the brewery :)