Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last Week of January 2014.... it was a Chainmaille week among other things.

Quite a busy chainmaille week going here for the last week of January 2014.  Standard Open Rounds with Swarovski Bicones, Romanov Earrings with pearls, Snow and Ice Earrings with Bicones, a new weave called " Vetrebrae ", and the starting of " There Be Dragons......Dragon Weave " of course.

Then I started a new weave I was a little intimidated by......Dragonweave.  Genny Smith, chainmaille teacher extraordinaire....made the learning experience a breeze...... now, there be Dragons!  A slower weave but stunning.  I'll post Dragonweave when complete.

I also became darn intent on teaching myself " Leather Wrap Bracelets "....... I found a great tutorial at
Fusion Beads... : and sat with my first wrap bracelet.
I used a antique vintage murano glass button  but am very pleased with the results.   Needless to say, I've ordered more Leather Cording and multiple colors.

This is the test piece and I see double and triple wrapped bracelets on the horizon.
Completed another 27mm Swarovski Rivoli with matching earrings with a size 15  Simple Spiral rope with handmade clasp.  I call it " Snowy Egret ".  With the white it is a tad difficult to get a good photograph but I'll keep trying.

And to complete the weekly pieces...  Cabbing at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club.

A beautiful piece of Azurite with Malachite:  This will be my Bead Embroidery Sample that I teach at the
Florida Jewelry Artists Retreat next weekend.  I cabbed this with a little thickness for Bead Embroidery.

And I completed a wonderful 48mm Oval of Moss Agate.  When you shine a light through the back it is just
stunning.  After pondering, I developed a way to keep the backing of the Bead Embroidery cut to see the light through this stone.  I would not like to loose the beauty of this Cabachon.  You can see each piece of
Moss when the light shines through.

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