Friday, December 27, 2013

The Holiday's are passing.....whew!

As the Holiday's pass us by ( OK!  Where did 2013 go? )..... and we prepare to enter 2014, it's been a whirlwind, hasn't it?  The past four weeks have just flown by with preparing numerous Christmas gifts for family and the " girls " at the office.  Nothing like having eight Open Round Chainmaille
bracelets going at one time, Finishing Beadweaving, custom designing earrings for family members.... I felt selfish on the 24th wishing it to be over so I could work on MY projects.  I overlooked the, " reason for the Season".  The act of giving.  I returned to reality as I dropped off the
handmade gifts to the ladies of Gerelco while watching their faces with their anticipation of their annual handmade gifts. 

The " Ladies of the Evening ", our evening bead group met at Deborah Apodaca's wonderfully decorated home and exchanged our gifts.  Each member had the most delightful selections that were
exchanged.  I gave each ladies a coffee mug that said " Girlfriends.....better than shopping or booze ".

Actually, I am looking forward to 2014.  I have my resolutions written and ready for New Years Eve.
I have been amazed at how far my Bead Embroidery has come over the past year and I plan to continue to to expand my craft, support my friends.... " all artists " and actually get my inventory in order with photographs and costing structures in place. 

I came across this lovely little plaque that is just " So True ".

I have soooo many friends that this plaque is just perfect for.  " Maybe next years Christmas Gift". 

So, on to Creativity..... my favorite subject in our hectic lives.  I came across a photograph on Facebook, not of a specific piece of Bead Embroidery, but the setting of the photograph so caught my
attention that I had to sit there and gaze at it and realized it was just perfect.  It was elegant, coiffed, and perfectly presented.

There are times when we are so busy in creating, working, cleaning and all other responsibilities that we have that we forget that the wonderful jewelry we design is both elegant and beautiful.  I have a new perspective for 2014.

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  1. Ah I had to laugh when I saw the plaque! I can see soutache and elaborately bead embroidered jewelry making appearances on fashion runways. I just hope they don't make the outfits too skimpy so people pay more attention to the jewelry. Lol. I've been working on my "Into the Forest" hop piece and am looking forward to seeing what you came up with in just a few (short) weeks :-) Have a blessed New Year!