Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bead Honest......

Bead Honest…. A critiquing group on Facebook with members like Mikki Ferrugiaro, Ella Dees, Suzie
Campbell, Cynthia Newcomer Daniels, Kinga Nicols, Laura Mears….. a place where the bead artist can
Post a design or piece and ask for a critique…….they accepted me.  Suzie Campbell posted her draft
For review.  She draws her designs like I do. 
My first critique of her beautifully drafted Bead Embroidery piece:  Night and Day in the Blue Lagoon.....

 Pardon....novice in critiquing.  But if I may, the fringe took my eye away from the center cab ( the heart of the piece ).  With the diamond shapes throughout the piece in both the bead embroidery and the setting cabs maybe consider Bicone drops in the light blue color theme.  This would keep the edge finished and maintain that diamond shape with a hint of fringing drawing the eye down while maintaining focus on the piece itself.  To clarify I am a fan of fringing but the heart of the piece is spectacular and needs to keep the eye there.  Mildly drooling with this design :)

I am amazed at the friendship that is shown by so many Beader's throughout the world.....  

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