Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can't you just feel the spirit as the Holiday's arrive?

Well, it has been busy as always at work but each evening this week I have been coming home to tackle the Bead Tray...lot's of projects to complete before we leave for North Carolina to have Christmas with the family.  I have finished three ( 3 ) Stars of India and I need to find a perfect clasp for the White and Red piece I finished tonight.  I have found a true love of #2 Bugle Beads.  And of course I have the honor piece on the Bead Board. A Sherry Sarafini ( gosh, I wish I was ) example bracelet.  I took this piece to Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce this past Saturday and Susan Barrett gave it a wonderful critique.  Genny Smith also emailed me a wonderful gift of patterns that Aryd'ell had just shared with her.  After the Holidays the Bead Looms need to become active and I need to spend time in learning how to use the new Olympus 35 Digital.  I have found out that I can have a Header designed for the Blog, so off to ETSY I go.  

Take a look at the Bead Board piece and let me know what you think?  I think it will make a wonderful cuff and the colors work well with the Cab.

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