Sunday, March 2, 2014

First of all for the month of March 2014

Let us share a moment of Gratitude.  Gratitude for the lives we pass each day and for the lives that have entered our lives for those special moments.  Gratitude for the incredible talents we possess and the ability to design and produce incredible jewelry, and those wonderful sisters ( and brothers Patrick ) that we share each day with.

As always it has been a very busy month of February with the Under the Sea Round Robin through the Yahoo Beaded Art Doll Group.  I was the first to bead on Yvonne Nathansons wonderful Angelfish that Arydell Hotellling had made.  It mailed to Suzanne Bang as beader 2  Her lovely little book had a lovely seahorse that I became enchanted with.

Those lovely eyes are from Nix Creations on Etsy....  Thank you Matthew.

Additionally, Chainmailling has been at the forefront along with the Bead Journal Project.
I completed the " DragonScale ".  At class last week I was listening to everyone complain about the weave of DragonScale.... as I was thinking to myself that this was one of my more favorite weaves along with Open Round and Byzantine.  Must be that left hand thinking process.  :)

Can you feel Spring?  Even though I live in Florida I can feel it.  Just that hint of coolness but the plants are
starting to show their new buds.  So I thought it was appropriate to share colors from SEEDS...... let us see where our color pallett develops over the next few months.

We are coming to the end of our current classes at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club.  New classes will be posted after March 8th.  Genny Smith is on sabbatical until the fall for chainmaille and Sarah, Deborah and myself will be only taking a few classes on this upcoming session to devote more time to our personal work.

Tomorrow we should have our partners assigned for the Bead Soup Blog Party No: 8.  This is the first time I elected not to be with other Bead Embroiderer's and exchange Seed Beads.  I wanted to expand upon my use of Beading and Stringing, wrapping and other challenges.   I look foward to seeing who I will be paired with this year.  This will be Deborah Apodaca's first go and it will be fun to watch what she creates.

Now on to the Bead Journal Project...........the centerpiece to the monthly dragonflies.


  1. Oh those spring colors.....I crave spring. Love your chain maxillae.

  2. I don't understand what people would be complaining about with the dragonscale weave. It's a lot easier than many hundreds of other weaves and it looks really great, especially if you use different colors for the smaller rings and the larger ones.