Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bead Soup-Patrick Duggan-Chainmaille and the Wait List for the Colorado Bead Retreat

Yes, what a week. First, the Bead Soup was mailed to Chris Eisenberg, my Bead Soup 8 Partner and as you know I cannot post the box of goodies until she recieves them.  Showing Monday for delivery so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Anne Hess sent me a email that the Bead Society of Central Florida had just open up Patrick Duggans
classes during his Florida Visit.  I have been a follower of Patrick on Facebook and to meet him in person will be a delight.  He is traveling from his native Australia and attending the Bead and Button 2014 and then traveling down to Florida with Anne Hess and teaching during his visit.

I was able to register for "Diamond Kiss" and Brooches ( in lovely Luna Softs ) and Green Dagger all between Thursday and Friday.  Anne was gracious enough to let me stay with her too so it will be a lovely gathering at Anne's house.  Deborah Apodaca will be coming in Thursday as well, then heading off to her South Carolina High School reunion and will get the opportunity to meet Patrick as well.

Additionally, the first Sunday and Monday in April, I will be taking Anne Hess doll class at Beads and Baubles in Ft. Pierce.  Anne just sent photographs to select fabrics.  It will be a two day intense beaded
art doll class and after doing " Angels in Disguise " with Anne at the retreat, I can't wait.

And finally, Alas the 11 open seats for the Colorado Bead Retreat went at the blink of an eye.  The only
good thought is that I am on the Wait List.  Thank you Betcey.  Your a doll.  This is my bucket list, to
work with Sherry Serafini, Heidi Kummili together in Colorado.  If it does not come to fruitition this year, then I'll make it happen next year.
Entertainly so, how about we close this post with a " Half Persian ".  Yes, Genny Smith has a wonderful technique now to start the Half Persian with a card.  I love this weave, but the Dragon is still my favorite.

I am going to miss our Chainmaille classes.   This term is over at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem but Genny has promised to teach again in the fall and we may schedule a get together work shop over the summer for really special Chainmaille projects.  Thanks again Genny for being such a wonderful, inspiring teacher.  Obiwan Genny.

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