Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Study in Orange.......or the newest color Tangerine Tangelo

I am curiously amazed at the draw of specific colors depending on what is going on in my life at that time.....
let us take Orange.  A color I am not naturally drawn too.  I am more of that Turquoise and Silver, or Black and White, or Amber and Brass type of person.  Over this years time I have been humbled by the draw of color.  Six months ago it was blue, another color not normally drawn too.  This was my mother's favorite color which matched her eyes.  And blue's it was....Peyote....RAW....Cellini Spiral.  I created some wonderfully charming pieces.

Now to my amazement, it is Orange.

I currently had several projects going:
Beading Babes Sattoush Earrings....a Spiral Exchange with Beaddreamz and an evaluation of threads for Cellini Spirals as most members of Beaddreams were attempting to use Nymo D after the two Cellini's I had previously made with great results. So in the Kassie and Aryd'll method, this study was done with #4 Fireline.  But more of this on the next post.

Orange, a warm color, a rich color.  Now I will experiment with Orange and Tangerine.  Let us see where this will go. Prepare yourselves Beading Babes........

I did mail my exchange piece to RoseMary in California, and here is her response to the Cellini:

Oh wow! thank you so much! You are right on target with the colors of the season, tangerine tango, pink flambe and solar power yellow! And I have all the matching beads so no worries about the earrings...I was just trying out the colors and I thought it would be a bonus to send to you! it all comes back around any way right?
I have been blogging about my favorite colors too. For some of the best color trend sites try:  it might take you right to the forecast site for the colors of Fall.
another is
and of course
and found thru seeds, a blog about color found thru photos. wonderful!
Thanks you again so very much!
Rose Mary

p.s. will you be able to post photos of your? I will post mine to you , unless you already have. we are packing today and leaving town...I will be able to do much more on my laptop, but tomorrow.

And here is the completed piece as posted on Breaddreamz Yahoo Group.

What a Yummy color.  And thank you Rose Mary for the exchange.....


  1. Catherine,
    I love the Cellini spiral that you sent to Rose Mary it is beautiful.

  2. That tangerine looks positively yummy!