Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mid South Beading RetreatGroup, Bryson City, NC

And then as I am trying to tiddy up the blog posts:

The Bryson City Bead Retreat Group held their Weekend Long which turned into a Week Long Retreat the last week of July.  It Work out for me to attend because I had Michael flying in from San Diego, CA to see the property he was considering and we would be able to drive back together and enjoy the rest of his leave.

I had offered to teach the Bead Embroidery class and use the program I had worked on in Ft. Pierce, then the butterflies and reality kicked in.  I am going to teach, how many bead masters, bead embroidery.....GEESH!  But it did turn out to be a wonderful extended weekend.  I met some new members that have not been at the previous retreats or gatherings, Susan Council, Riza, Figgy ( everyone swears she did not exist ) and the wonderful other's that make this such a wonderful group to be in.  Beebe Goddard was alittle ill with her lower back surgery looming but she made us all feel welcome and special.  God Bless her, I can't believe I could find the Cabin.

But the best part for me was learning how to work the Torch with Harleen Powers Metal Working Class.
Carolyn Brown and Sue Harney at the Work table

Wendy Young's First Bead Embroidery piece

Wendy Young
FLAME ON!  I am just in love with manipulating metals ( Copper ) with the torch.  I had so much fun and I believe Harleen has some new candidates for Metal Working.  We did a lovely Chainmaille pattern that Genny Smith taught called Olivia and we just had a great time.  I was amazed at how well the participants did in Bead Embroidery and Wendy is a true and future Bead Embroiderer.

The Ladies at the Work Table

Learning how to anneal Copper Metal Leaves with Torch and Hammering

The Red Highlights were from Gilder's Paste.  My first attempt.

Harleen Powers is a wonderful teacher and I enjoyed spending time with her on the front porch.  There was nothing better then " FLAME ON" working with the copper, then putting it into the water and hearing the big WOOSH!  Then hammering away and trimming and hammering.  I have a new respect for hammers.  This was also my first use of Gilders Paste.  I cannot wait to try more of this.  My son came by to visit and saw that look in my eye's.......  " OH Gosh, I'm going to have to buy you a torch, I can see it now ".  Works for me!  :)

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