Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stress Relief. Almost everyone who replied said that they enjoyed beading because of the stress relief it brings. Reader Megan Burgess wrote, "I love beading because it helps me relax and de-stress as well as letting my have fun at the same time." And I'm apparently in good company when it comes to using beading as a way to escape from the stress of a job: Lynette Hilliard-Coulter wrote, "Just taking the time and sitting with some beads in front of me and following the pattern took my mind off a very stressful job!"

Other reasons for using beading as stress relief came in the form of a way of staying occupied while hunting for a job, as a way to deal with anxiety disorders, and even as a form of physical therapy!

A Sense of Accomplishment. Anyone who loves beading also knows that there's nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a long-dreamed of project or wearing a brand-new piece of jewelry into the office and being able to tell your astonished admirers, "I made it myself!" Sure enough, our readers on Facebook feel the same way. One reader told us that since she has become disabled, doing routine household chores like washing the dishes or vacuuming has become difficult for her, but her beading keeps her going and makes her feel useful!

  My dear friend Mary Jane and I met when she was a customer at my bead shop - and we've been best buddies every since!
Friendships Formed Over Beads. For me, this one definitely rang true. I've made so many wonderful friends since I started beading twelve years ago! It seems so easy to form a friendship over the beads, as Kathy Fritz has discovered. On our Facebook page, Kathy wrote: "I just love to bead and opened a very small bead store. I thought the creativity would be what kept me going, but it's the friendships that have been formed at my store that keep me doing what I do." And Deb Conrad writes: "I love beading because I have met so many wonderful people around the world and struck up instant friendships as a result of our common interest."

And while it seems that beading is a common thread (no pun intended) in many of our lives, the reasons that we love beading are just as different and unique as we are!

And then from Beading electronic news journal.  I find it is so odd that my life
is now surrounding by something so wonderfully artistic and soothing.  Even though my
regular job is so challenging, I have come to look forward to getting home and just plain

I can go with this.......

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