Sunday, March 4, 2012

So, then we move to the Florida Jewelry Artist Retreat Yahoo Group.....which was held in Everglades City, thanks to Suzie Griffis one of our members.  It was a wonderful three days of just fun and beading and then of course, good food.  Susan Barrett and I stayed in Suzie's parents RV at the Everglades Club while the other ladies slept at the Chokoloskee Everglades Motel.  It was perfect.  The Everglades Club was spectacular just spectacular......and we had our beading retreat there.  Beebe Goddard, Jaime, Harleen, Harleen's sister Sharon, Alice, Genny ( of course ) Suzie, Susan Barrett and myself.  We could have not asked for a better weekend and did we get some great beading and chain maille done.  I forced myself to learn brick stitch again.  I haven't done that in a while...... LOL!
1.) Genny Smith wearing a guest artist piece
2.) Suzie, our hostest of the most...est.  She works for the Everglades Club
3.) Suzie and Alice
4.) Genny and Alice
5.)  Lunch in the wonderful Everglades Club
6.) Cruising the Everglades Princess
7.) Chainmaille ( European Lace )

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