Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Art of Awareness Blog Hop Piece....

I ordered by Heather Millican " Swoondimples " polymer words and I received them last week - darn if I didn't just go ahead and finish the Blog Hop piece which is now sitting on my mannequin.  I truly wish I could share it before the hop as this little treasure is totally different from my normal Beading, not that it does not " BLING".  The word I ordered is poignant and perfect for my Awaremess pink ribbon for Breast Cancer and Heather added another smaller piece as an extra which I added to this creation.  Thank you so much Heather,  I am quite enchanted with your Swoondimples.

When you have a moment please visit Heather's ETSY Shop:

The website has been developed and is in composing mode.  It will be linked to this blog and visa-versa.  I want to thank a dear friend Suzie Hawthorne Griffis for giving me that added push and setting up the domain.  I'll advertise as soon as this is ready for launch.  It will start out as a Portfolio website divided between Bead Embroidery - Bead Weaving and Chainmaille and then I'll look at adding the Shop.  Lot's of playing to do.  You know those artists, it has to be creatively perfect.

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