Monday, March 16, 2015

Bead Peeps Exchange is complete ..........

Max of KrafyMax Originals and I have completed our exchange - Phewww!  Before the deadline and we are now able to share what wonderful gifts we have received.  To visit Max's site to see her soup, please visit :
I was so delighted when I opened my soup from Max and don't ask me why but when I saw this item the piece designed itself. 
Needless to say - the lovely little journal that Max included has the first draft of the design because of these pieces.  I promise I'll make a copy during the reveal. 
I received a wonderful selection of beads and stones to go with this lovely group of focal's along with a wonderful book, " Jewelry Techniques by Anastasia Young " ,that I believe is a wonderful treasure after flipping through the pages and some lovely notecards ( my secret ). 

Just enjoy the natural beauty of this selection. 

Thank you Max for your generosity and wonderful eye for detail.  You've made it very easy to design with this selection.


  1. Beautiful beads! Great stash!

  2. You are so very welcome!! I am glad you liked everything! :) ~KM