Sunday, June 3, 2012

Very Productive Weekend, Project Finished, Projects to Plan

Clasped and Completed my Blue Cuff, Clasped and Completed my Fire Polished RAW Bracelet with Vintage
flowers....developed a few projects in my mind for " Bead for the Cure and Colon Rectal Cancer. 2/3rd of the way completed through Lorraine's Peyote ( Guord ) cuff piece.  Spent a lovely Wednesday evening at the Club House with the " Ladies of the Evening " and admired Genny's color combination of Peach and Tangerine in her newest Cellini Spiral piece.  Enjoyed looking at Sabine's Book and Genny's just emailed me her Sabine pattern
for a classic centerpiece that I can just envision in Multiple Colors and techniques.  It was just an amazing weekend as I realized I could actual visualize a piece coming together.  I'll need to start using my sketch pad like I just did with my " Composed Entry " for the Beading for the Cure piece after seeing the selected beads.
After reviewing the rules for this years composition I am actually looking forward to working on this piece.

JR just informed me that while he was having his tires changed, the business manager wanted to know where his Byzantine Bracelet came from and he said MOM.  The gentleman has ordered a bracelet and necklace....I have the bracelet almost done ( gosh.... love byzantine ) and I'll find out what length of necklace he wants.

Most of my ordered product came in for Nefertiti and the "Beading Babes " reveal.  The turquoise colored 14mm disks that I found on " Amazon " of all places are actually quite gorgeous and I can see the center pieces will blend quite nice.  Just waiting for the 3mm drops and 3mm Bicones and I'll photograph the start product before working on each component.  I am looking forward to forcing myself into the Herringbone Ropes.
Working on Lorraine's piece has forced me into odd count peyote and I am looking forward to working on the Brick Stitch version.  Genny will be forwarding me the Helms Weave pattern ( kind of Lord of the Rings ), between working in Chainmaille and could one become bored?  I know I am not.  

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