Monday, June 11, 2012

The completion of Lorraine's " Elly "

As a pattern tester, I just love that term.  I completed Elly for Trinity DJ on Monday night.  I used her color combination from Javelle Beads and completed the pattern in standard peyote.  Now I want to try the same

pattern in Sculptural Peyote.  I did have a few comments for this piece.  She advertised as peyote and brick stick for the pattern.  I recommended she break the two offerings for the pattern as these patterns are so in depth that it would daunt an Intermediate Beader in buying this pattern.  It would have taken days to modify it to Brick Stitch.  I would like the option of Brick/Loom and Peyote.  I also purchase another Bead Package from Javalle Beads, Magical Metamorphosis in Hot Pinks and a different colorway for the Sculptural piece.  I must be a glutton for punishment but I know I can do this.

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