Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A new introduction.......

I haven't had the opportunity to introduce Ms. Callie O'Malley - yes I know.... all of my pets have two names.  But here is my latest treasure and she adopted me.  A stray who showed up at the house and started staying as I fed her ( Fancy Feast and milk ) .  Now she has been spayed and all of her health requirements have been met and she now resides at night in a huge dog crate where the pups are getting used to her.  She has her own bed - blankets and tiny little litter box in the corner for a just in case.  I've never been a cat person until this little gem arrived.  To hear her purr in the morning is just wonderful. 


  1. And NOW, I can say that I have rubbed off on you!!! :) :)

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