Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Years and Welcome 2014..... The 2014 Bead Journal Project

I spent a few moment's over the Holidays catching up on blog posts and Blog Hopping with all of my favored 
Bloggers and came across a post from Robin Atkins for the 2013 Bead Journal Project.  The participants had
been blog oriented but this would be the first year that the BJP would be using the Facebook platform.  Of course
the interest was piqued and I started reviewing older posts and viewing how paticipants from 2013 and 2012 finished their annual ( yes- 12 months ) Bead Embroidery pieces.  It was one of those ephiany moments..... " I could do this..... I would enjoy this "...... as I am at one of those Hekate 58, what would I like to do now.

Welcome to the Bead Journal Project, where you can post pictures of your BJP pieces, see the work of other members, and communicate with all members! If you wish to join this group, you must be willing to commit to making one piece a month for a year, at least to give it your best try. Read more under the "about" tab to the right. Check the photo albums to see what others are doing or have done in the past.

To learn how to add photos and create your own album, click on the "Files" tab just below the page header. There's also a file with lots of information about the BJP. Here's a link to the file with information about photos on FB:

Let's make this group commercial-free and keep our posts/pictures related to the BJP.

Have fun!


So I sent an Facebook Message and Robin accepted my request for 2014.  

My introduction went like this:

"Hi Ladies! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this annual journey with all of you. My theme is selected, my template is in use for January 2014. I will be using " Metamorphis" for 2014 as I've reached that 58 year old mark wondering" What do I want to do now?"  I cannot wait to see how we develop through the year. "

I am game....... with Dragonflies as I work through " Metamorphis ".

Here are other participants ( blogging )  and posts have already begun for January 2014 on the Facebook page.  

Atkins, Robin
Brown, Sue
Carter, Christi
Chinoy, Catherine
Cowan, Julie
Dale, Nancy
Denton, Marj
Desaulniers, Anne Marie
En, Liz
Gobet, Mary:
Grasse, Angela
Harper, Carol
Jandik, Sandy
Keichel, Sabine
King, Catherine
Kirsch, Leanne
Koster, Lies 
Koster, Lies
Kuo, Cindy
LaHood, Sara
Sanders, Donna
Sayers, Niky
Simpson, Gloria
Stillman, Tracy
Tees, Leah
Wingrove-Smith, Dee
Zobel, April

Let us see where this takes us over 2014 with words like " Gratitude ", " Surrender ", any many other words that can be used for Metamorphis.  

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  1. Metamorphosis sounds intriguing. Glad you joined the BJP for 2014 :-)