Sunday, November 10, 2013

Color Theory and Moods.....

Has one ever noticed how color not only affects our moods but also affects our environment?  I have been following numerous wonderful artists who specialize in Color Theory and I am still amazed with how color not only stimulates our design process but also stimulates future project designs.  I do not know how many of you keep a design diary?  I keep one with me at all times and find myself including ( taping ) snippets of magzine articles or sketches of a picture that catches my eye.  Believe it or not, U-Haul and the Cactus from
Arizona caught my attention so I sketched it.  But I am become very attuned at how color affects my day to day and my Bead Embroidery pieces from when I start to when I end a piece.  I have several pieces that started in one colorway and concluded in a totally different colorway.  Does this happen to you?

Now from Seeds which I follow on Facebook:  How dreamy is this Colorway?
  We must evolve in our color selections.  I am not a strong red person, but this caught my attention and the sketching started.


  1. Those are indeed wonderful colors. Love them and also love that beautiful bracelet. Just awesome. I come from Nicole's blog, one of my bloggie friends. Nice to meet you. Beautiful work. I don't do beading but do admire it.

  2. oh la la!!! love the colours...and wonderful to meet you!!!