Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Adventures of Fred..... Beaded Art Dolls Bird Exchange

Fred in his glory


Fred  ( the other side )
Just returned from my vacation in North Carolina ( Whittier and Qualla ) and I completed Fred for our Beaded Art Doll ( Bird Round Robin ).  This is the completion of number four out of five.  One more to go then it is on to the Teapot Challenge.  I am leaning more to the Alice through the Looking Glass Teapot for sure.  I was so lucky that I had numerous Orange Beads and the color scheme matched within reason.

While in North Carolina I was able to stop by Birdsong Beads in Andrews, NC and I found a wonderful
new store Cherokee Art and Craft Supply,1655 Acquoni Rd., Suite #3 in Cherokee, NC.  They had the most wonderful little acrylic trays for multiple beadwork projects.  I had a great time meeting the owner and spending time just enjoying all the different craft items they carried.  

I did spend time finishing out my Cellini Spirals ( the right way ).  I think I've taken them apart at least twice,
I just did not like the way the end caps held at each end of the spirals.  Now I am happy and the Turquoise
Cellini is just wonderful.  Now on to the Ocean Blue and Gold.  I came to the conclusion that with the Beading Babes, Project Six I am going to finish existing projects before tackling new ones.  I still have a Spiral Exchange to Complete for Beadreamz by the end of August too.  Busy, busy, busy......

I did complete the Lorraine of Trinity DJ " Butterflies " while I was gone.  I'll post photo's later.

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