Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ahhh! Back to the fun stuff.......

The Battle Groups are posting - thank you Steven Weiss - and the submissions are just glorious.  When you have 256 women ( and men ) that participate in a event such as this then there will be
 " GLORIOUS " beadwork - bead embroidery and bead weaving presented.  As Battle Group B and A are still to be listed it will be a few days before the Battle begins in earnest.

I have favorites to be sure and I am honored at the comments left on my submission by some of the leaders in our arena.  As a first time submitter I was not expecting such a positive response and lovely comments.  If I make it to Round 3 - I will be honored.
The Bead Embroidery process for The Morrigan

The use of Bugle beads was the time consuming part of this project.  As each bugle had a bead inserted to keep the bugles from cutting the thread it was a time consuming aspect to the feathers.  Additionally each bugle was " couched " with the couching stitch to keep them laying flat.  The Black on Black was the hardest part and required " mucho eye drops " to keep the piece in focus.  But all in all - I am pleased with her.  I will take a photograph of the original paper draft and how she modified herself from the paper pattern to the final pattern.
For me..... this is my " Game of Thrones" piece.  

What is left on the board...... four projects.  A knife sheath in Bead Embroidery for my SCA garb, a Bead Embroidery on Cotton Cording piece in Lavender - Purple and Greens and to finish perfecting my CRAW skills to finish my hand cabbed Azurite - Malachite piece....and finally - The Turtatella Agate to finish the " Chain of Office " submission for the SCA Crown.  I'm a glutton.    
The Bead Dream winners along with the Best of Show pieces have been posted and you can find them at :
Now that is some beadwork......
Now for a little closing humor:


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