Monday, January 26, 2015

Ahhhh! Nothing like completing projects.

This past week has just flown by and I was in one of those - " finish a project " moods as well.  I had several trays and one manniquen full of projects that either needed a clasp - a little " nip and tuck " and just very simple little fixes.  For one project I was amazed when I looked at the stitching on the Embroidery.  I've come a long ways.  So I reinforced the edging - used additional beads and firmed up the peyote bezelling - Just a few quick fixes.  I wasn't going to give up this weekend until all items were ready to photograph before I had to return to work on Monday.

For the Bead Embroidery projects - both of these projects have fringing.  This is out of my norm and Dragon Fly Dreams is using a travertine pea soup green that I was sure Cindy Tipton was playing a joke on me when they arrived in a set - but, to my surprise, they blended with my Tortoise Shell Agate beautifully.  Both pieces I cabbed at Cabbing class and both pieces have Vintaj brass pieces adhered to the cab to give depth to the piece.

Crazy Lace Jasper - Cabbed and natural Jasper rounds used on the embellishments.  And of all things, fringing.  I'll need to work on this process.  I am alittle weak on fringing like I am with Herringbone.

Then Dragonfly Dreams with the pea soup travertine beads.  I need to take another photograph of this piece this coming weekend as our storm had started coming through.
This piece is multi layered ( my favorite technique ) and those little green beads are intersperced throughout the bead work.  If you blow up with picture you will see the Turtle Shell Agate Cab.

I then had the Chainmaille Marathon - I've included gauges and ring sizes on each picture for your enjoyment ( for those chainner's out there ).

I have finally mastered the Captured Pearl Concept and had a blast playing with Mobius's.

This copper piece is using Bronze Rings - very heavy and intense to close.

And here are the Byzantine bracelets that I made from the " Weave Got Maille " - sampler pack that I won in December.  Like Genny Smith said, " I'm ready for St. Patricks Day !"

I was able to play with Square Rings 16C and 18C.  I am really looking forward to playing with the square rings on a flat weave.  Maybe with a few Crystallettes.  But then my favorite weave is :  Romonov

I love the elegance of this weave.  So this is this week's catchup and finish.   We'll see what next week brings.
I'll have a small break though for the week of February 6th where I will be joining the wonderful ladies of the Florida Jewelry Artist Yahoo Annual Retreat in Dowling Park - Live Oak, FL.  I am sure we will have great photo's to share along with " The Tree of Life ".


  1. Enjoyed my visit, you do beautiful beading

  2. Isn't it great to get things off the work table and finished? Especially when the end products are so lovely!