Monday, October 13, 2014

The luxury of Shibori Silk.

I must say that my first experience with Shibori was with Sherry Serafini's class at Crystal Creations in West Palm Beach.  My first cuff that was completed in class was sold to a dear friend when we met at Chili's for dinner one night.  Well, I just could not let the Shibori Ribbon just sit in the drawer. I finished this one this past weekend and did share with " The Ladies of the Evening " for critiquing. I think I will continue to work in this medium and it has that "quilting" feel to it and yet it is a elegant backround for Bead Embroidery.  Besides, who can resist the use of the LunaSoft cabs.  Yummy!

                                                           " Are you Blue ? "


  1. Isn't Shibori the BEST?!!!! This is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS - absolutely stunning! XOXO

  2. it is beautiful! I think I've got some of those Luna cabs... I'd love to know more about how you use the shibori in your bead embroidery.

  3. Oh, wow!!! This is gorgeous! I love the deep, rich colors and the soft cab! Beautiful.