Thursday, December 12, 2013

I got spammed and phished.....

It took a few weeks but even as careful as I am with opening links and all precautions, I was spammed and phished.  Needless to say, it took the office IT " dude" at least three hours to restore my computer to where I could actually do anything and that includes blogging.   I think the people that do this should, well, there should be a punishment for them.  Just  my thought on this.

Laughingly, I am now really, really behind in Blogging.  So, bare with me, I'll be working backwords or forwards and just all kinds of in-between as I have had quite a  bit happen over the past month.

First:  We concluded our " We are all Different Yahoo Doll Group" with the following doll that is owned by
Betsy Foster in Vermont.

Her fancy doll was really fun to bead on:

I've also fallen in love with this doll form and could see a series

It was bittersweet to end another Round Robin, but with the Holiday's just around the corner, it does give one the ability to work on projects dear to the heart.

Our new RoundRobins are scheduled to begin in January 2014.  How exciting!

As well, I did join another Group called the Bead Journal Project for 2014.  One selects a template and then beads this template for each month of the year.  They did have an active blog and then after reviewing the previous years, WOW!  There are outstanding beaders involve in this event.  For 2014, the postings will be on Facebook instead of Blogspot.  To bad, I enjoy working on Blogspot.  I will start an ablum on January 2nd but I am considering a theme and how to approach this theme for each month.  I love nature, Tolkien, The Outlander, Bling.....hummn!  That's a spread.  As they are all done in Bead Embroidery with some items being quilted by some participants.....Butterflies?  Or another favorite, Dragonflies.  I'll sketch to see what really thrills me.

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  1. I joined BJP for 2014 as well. No idea what I'll be doing. Not even familiar with FB. I agree the BJP folks are quite outstanding. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing and I'm glad your computer gremlin is gone. The doll came out great!