Sunday, September 8, 2013

How can one be so Estate Sale with Rocks and Tools and more tools, Oh My!

Cannot tell you how excited we were to learn of an Estate Sale in Port St. Lucie.  An Rock Hound from
California and living in Port St. Lucie recently passed and his son and daughter in law were wonderful about
telling the Club of an upcoming Estate Sale with tons of rock, tools and books.  Needless to say Deborah had just had major surgery but she was up for going on Saturday and Sunday and Monday.  Goodness, did Deborah, Genny and I strike it at this sale and Deborah ended up buying the cabbing machines, Dop pots,
and just all kinds of wonderful tools to set up her own shop when she has mended fully.  Needless to say,
the treasures are unbelievable and they let Deborah and her daughter come back on Monday to pick up all
the unclaimed rock to share with friends.  Boy did I luck out with some vintage Bead and Button magazines to boot.

" Can it get any better than this? "


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