Friday, January 11, 2013

Precoisa-Ornela Twin Beads.....

Oh my, I am now hooked on the Twin Beads.  Ordering them madly after Precoisa posted a lovely floral pattern on Facebook.  I have used Precoisa size 11's for years but these patterns are just stunning, yet simple.  Make sure you like " Preciosa-Ornela " on Facebook to keep up with the stimulating designs.

I did get the Helena Tang Lim " Twinni Bracelet " pattern to work on as well so this could be a fill in
Twin Bead month for new creations. 

I also happened across the Precosia Ornela " Beads for Blog ".  Christine of " Good Will " recieved
a December selection for Blogging.  Yep, I signed up and I'll be posting away along with looking for
hints on the Preciosa site.

Revealed hints:

The website for the Beads for Blog Post campaign:

Preciosa Ornela supplies PRECIOSA seed beads and beads to the entire world.

The two-hole beads and seed beads are called PRECIOSA Twin™.

The native language of the PRECIOSA ORNELA Marketing Department is Czech. However, the language for the BEADS FOR BLOGPOST campaign is English! (or we try to do our best :)

WE LOVE VIDEOS! ...but ...the best videos (at least according to us!) are those, which showcase our Traditional Czech Beads, mention PRECIOSA ORNELA or link to
Join me and maybe we can all share in the arrival of lovely beads from Preciosa-Ornela.

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